Grade 8 Students Explore Culture

The Grade 8 MYP Individual & Societies students are currently exploring the concept of culture. They started by reflecting on their own personal culture and the traditions that their families still uphold and practice.

The students shared about their family backgrounds with their peers, and a big takeaway was that even in a small class, students were connected to places all over the world. Cultural diversity is the reality of our modern world.


The national culture of Trinidad & Tobago was then explored and students were able to describe the diversified foods, festivals, religions, dress, and traditions of our multicultural nation.

The next steps will be to explore through research, different types of cultures throughout the world and recognize that some cultures are being threatened and lost. The underlying concept is for students to see that culture forms part of our shared identity and should be preserved over time, place, and space. 

Judy Sharpe
Grade: 8
Class: Individual & Societies