High School StuCo St. Patrick's Day

High School StuCo St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Dress Up

Marked on the calendar with either a green leprechaun with a pot of gold or a four leaf clover, St. Patrick's Day is a day celebrated by many no matter their religion or nationality. This year the High School StuCo put their own little spin on things by inviting the ISPS community to come out in green. The call was answered and many of our HS students and staff donned the colour green to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Wednesday. 

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St. Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt

Lots of fun was had on Wednesday during lunch and homeroom as HS students ran around the entire campus looking for clues to a ‘pot of gold’! Each grade level had different clues and the sound of laughter and excitement in the hallways was music to the ears!

Maeve O'Donovan
MS/HS Assistant Principal