Celebrating Thanksgiving While Socially Distancing

After COVID-19 restrictions squashed Thanksgiving festivities last year, ISPS high school students were revving up for the return of the holiday tradition, albeit socially distanced. 

Thanksgiving lunch is a time for the ISPS students and community to gather together to recognize and celebrate the many things that we have to be thankful for.

Last Wednesday we had several different activities for our in-school students. Grade 12 ISPS prefects organized a potluck for their grade level during the Grade 12 homeroom period. The students gathered in the cafeteria for a Thanksgiving feast. Students brought turkey, corn on the cob, stuffing, chicken salad, and plenty of pie and pastries. 

Grades 9 through 11 were stationed across the campus for their various Thanksgiving lunches. Each grade level brought bite-sized desserts to share after their meals.  

All students observed the social distancing protocols while enjoying the company of their peers. Masks and gloves were spotted at each location as health and safety are still important parts of in-person festivities.