We Are So Happy to be Back!

We Are So Happy to be Back!

Math classes have been exciting. From precalculus creating probability-based board games using collaboration and creative skills to the students of other classes playing them, the math classroom is buzzing. Business math students are also playing games to apply some of the negotiating, collaborating and budgeting skills they have learnt.

Within the grade 7 year group, in particular, students have been working on how we merge algebra with geometry. This started with the construction of triangles using a ruler and compass only and learnt how to measure angles with a protractor.

They also explored the angles in a polygon and have used the formulae needed to calculate the sum of angles and are now exploring other geometric calculations including perimeter and area. They have also explored the connection between scale factors and area factors. Next, we will be representing the relationship between two variables on a graph and students will be able to recognise proportional relationships.

Throughout the past couple of units, we have focussed heavily on collaboration and self-management skills. We have also built thinking and communication skills and students engaged in many investigations and problem-solving activities.

Kelly Johnson-Penco
Middle School
Class: Mathematics