Grade 3 - Basketball Technique

Grade 3 - Basketball Technique

Hand-eye coordination is a big part of becoming a skillful basketball player. Some people are naturally gifted with excellent coordination, however, this is not the case for everyone. The good thing is that hand-eye coordination is something that you can learn to develop with practice. Juggling and balance were key focuses in this unit as students developed the coordination/connection between hand and eye. These activities allowed for a lot of practice time both individually and with the class. They were supportive and displayed great commitment and enthusiasm. Throughout the unit, students' hand-eye technique was challenged through drills practiced to improve coordination and they responded well as we explored various modified games.

  • The evolution of the game over the years.
  • Showing the connection between creativity and performance.
  • Understanding the importance of developing techniques.


Grades 4&5-Basketball/Hand-Eye Coordination & Form

Throughout this unit, we looked at the following lines of inquiry. The students were engaged through this unit with various hand-eye skills and activities. Many of the activities were creative, age-appropriate, and still gave an opportunity for challenge. Students learned some of the rules and violations while improving their skills. Students were engaged and participation was high. They worked on their form individually and as a group. Students learned the following: 

  • to identify how they can use these skills to transfer to other sports.
  • to discuss ways playing basketball can keep you fit
  • to identify what type of fitness playing basketball develops
  • to develop basic skills through hand-eye coordination
  • to work on improving ball control and body control


Teleshia Joseph
Elementary School
Physical and Health Education