Grade 8 Instrument Development

Grade 8 is now in the throes of ensemble work just coming out of individual work and skill development on an instrument of choice. In that past unit, they explored the concepts of change, development and boundaries.

Through the setting and conscious execution of personal goals, that address physical and musical, as well as a holistic development, Grade 8 students have been “breaking barriers” as they strive for a personal best through instrument exercises and repertoire; also, of their own choosing.

This unit was student-driven by design and so student progress was tracked through entries in their process journals; where they identified long-term and short-term goals, new learning, achievements, challenges, solutions, new/revised learning objectives and did self-critique. 

They also obtained teacher feedback through formative in-class assessments that look specifically at student understanding and skill development.

Here is a video of some small excerpts showcasing what some of the students achieved summatively. Enjoy!


Kendra Sylvester-Flores
Grade: 8 
Class: Music
Current Unit: As We Play We Change