Grade 8 Music: Overcoming Boundaries

Grade 8 Music: Overcoming Boundaries

We are just 4 weeks in and Grade 8 Music has been working on individual growth on an instrument of choice, and in so doing is exploring the following concepts: change, development and boundaries.

Through the setting and conscious execution of personal goals, that address physical and musical, as well as holistic development, Grade 8 students have been “breaking barriers” as they strive for a personal best through exercises and repertoire; also of their own choosing.

This unit is student-driven by design so student progress is tracked through the students submitting personal progress reports (where they identify learning, challenges, solutions, new/revised learning objectives and do self-critique), and through formative in-class assessments that look specifically at student understanding and skill development.

Stay tuned for some small clips showcasing what they have achieved this quarter!

Kendra Sylvester-Flores
Grade: 8
Unit: As We Play We Change