Grade 8s Debate Global Issues

Grade 8s Debate Global Issues

The modern world is heavily interconnected and as a result, faces many global challenges. The Grade 8 Individual & Societies classes have learnt that a global issue is complex and can be defined in a number of ways: 

  • It persists over time
  • It is transboundary
  • It affects large numbers of people
  • It has underlying causes
  • It is connected to other global issues

Their summative assessment aims not only to allow students to sharpen their research skills but also to introduce them to a formal debate format using structure, organized thought, subject terminology, and supportive statistics and data. Two debate topics that are being explored are: 

Topic A: (Gender Issues) Schools should be single-sex and not coed.

Topic B: (Geo-politics) The governments of Turkey and Syria are to be held responsible for the massive death toll from the recent earthquakes in February 2023. 

The photos show students collaborating in preparation for their upcoming debates. 

Judy Sharpe
Grade: 8
Class: Individuals & Societies
Topic: Global Issues