Grade 2 Students Give Back to Their Community

Grade 2 Students Give Back to Their Community

In 2nd Grade, we wanted to give back to our community. We wanted to be like little Jane Goodalls and help nature because nature helps us. We planted flowers that hummingbirds are attracted to. We also made a sign to hang in our garden. Students worked very hard as they dug in the soil and planted various flowering plants. They are responsible students who go the extra mile to give back to nature. Welcome to 2nd Grade’s Hummingbird Garden!


The students in Ms. Ghany’s 4th Grade class donated the contents of their vermicompost to 2nd Grade’s Hummingbird Garden. Students understand the importance of interdependence in every ecosystem. They observed the vermicompost and then explained how this is an important part of how ecosystems remain balanced.

Baking Cookies

Our students know that there are so many needs in our community. We decided we would bake cookies and attach notes of kindness to them. Students worked with Mrs. Saqui and baked delicious chocolate chip cookies. We then gave them to Priyanka who works in a soup kitchen and she gave them to people in the community. We were glad that we could make someone’s day with a bit of sweetness.

ShellyAnn Blache
Grade: 2
Service Learning