Grade 7 Students Learn About Saving Leatherback Turtles

Middle school Service Learning in Grade 7 this year was based on the conservation and preservation of the leatherback sea turtle here in Trinidad. This theme was tied into their Science curriculum and was integrated towards the end of their Ecosystem unit. Students learnt about and mapped turtle conservation in Nicaragua, Vietnam, South Africa and Costa Rica. They used this as well as further research to help them explore the efforts made by conservationists on our island. In groups, students collaborated to create advocacy videos. In these videos, they discussed the threats to the turtles and detailed efforts that we could all undertake to prevent the extinction of this incredible pre-historic species. Alongside this, we looked at what advocacy entails, target audiences, policy changes, effective + meaningful resistance etc. Our aim was that these videos be viewed by our wider community in an effort to raise and/or spread awareness about why this is an important issue.

Kiki Liscott