Goal Setting


The transition to middle school is an exciting time filled with newness, change, and opportunity.  Demands of balancing social and academic time while adapting to COVID restrictions can lead students to become out of balance and unmotivated.  

To better help students focus on things within their control, all Grade 6-9 Guidance Classes are currently learning about Goal Setting. They are reflecting on areas of their  personal, social, and academic lives where they want to improve or change. Students will pick one area most relevant to them and set a specific, measurable, and attainable goal for this school year. Students will dedicate a minimum of 2-5 minutes each day working toward their goal until this becomes a habit. They will learn how linking this dedicated daily time to a habit already established in their lives will increase success rates. Once the daily habits are established they will build on those 2-5 minutes to add in more dedicated time. 

Throughout the year students learn to monitor, adjust, and problem solve progress towards meeting their goal.  

This builds personal reflection, thinking and communication skills. Throughout this process students will anticipate obstacles, deal with setbacks, and utilize support.  These invaluable life skills are key in the development of empowered  and confident difference makers and future shapers. 


John Steinbach
Middle School Counselor (Grades 6-9)