Our Elementary School Principal, Dr. Suzette Julien celebrated 25 years of service to ISPS this past academic year. Over this period, she consistently strived to improve education not only for our students, but for all students as she worked to improve teacher practices locally and internationally. 

This summer she shared her thoughts on the value of Mentorship in Education as a contributor at the Principals' Training Center (PTC).  The Pearl of Wisdom is a hallmark of the PTC since 1989 and is shared each day of the PTC’s summer institutes. Bambi Betts, director of the PTC, encourages participants to share a leadership strategy that embodies their practice. leaders around the globe shared their experiences in a virtual space, Monday through Friday from June 22 to July 17. Dr. Suzette Julien was among several international leaders who shared a Pearl of Wisdom with her colleagues around the globe. 

Thank you for your wisdom and service, Dr. Julien!

Please check out Dr. Julien's Pay It Forward  Pearl of Wisdom Video.