BBC Financial Workshop for Middle School A Success!

BBC Financial Workshop for Middle School A Success!

On Saturday, March 19th, 30 Middle and High School students spent the morning at school for BBC’s Financial Workshop.

All Middle School students that attended the event on Saturday received a custom “Debit Card” personalized with their name, as well as simulation cash which was printed and organized by the club. In various classrooms, different presentations were on loop with presenters explaining various financial information to the Middle School students.

We converted the High School student classrooms into a simulation of the real world where we had a bank with working bankers and a bank system, as well as a marketplace where students were able to spend and use their “money” in an effective way based on the concepts learned. 

Within the marketplace, different “Vendors” provided different services including Gym Memberships, Smoothies, Bakery Goods, Real Estate Developments as well as Lottery Tickets. Together with these services and the interaction of a cash and card system with a bank, students participating were able to work and move in a simulated real-world system, thus properly grasping the financial concepts that were covered. 

We want to thank all the students and teachers that came out to support us and hope everyone enjoyed the event!

William Farah
Billionaire Bulls Club President