ISPS Billionaire Bulls Club

ISPS Billionaire Bulls Club

This week we will feature one of our HS clubs- the Billionaire Bulls Club (BBC). I was lucky enough to be invited by Mr. Ed Anderson to their meeting this week to have a glimpse of what is happening in this club. 

Well done to John Hall, the founder of this new club. 

Maeve O Donovan


About the Club

At BBC, members learn about the stock market, and how to analyze and interpret its data. Members then apply this knowledge to a stock simulator, where they can compete with other members to see who achieves the highest profitability, using their own strategies. When school returns to one on one learning, we will compete in weekly contests for prizes, to encourage independent research.  



Club Executives 

  • John Hall- President and Founder

  • Sophia Turner - Vice President

  • William Farah - Secretary

  • Jude Joseph - Treasurer


Club Sponsor

  • Mr. Ed Anderson