Look Out! Here comes the Battle of Perspective

High School Music and Drama students (in Grade 9 and 10) have been doing a joint unit where they have been exploring the concepts of perspective (interpretation), expression and conflict management. Their exposure has included workshops in improvisation, composition, singing, dance/movement and characterisation.

The final product?... Student song and dance/movement performances in pairs; performances in the character they've created.

While exploring, acquiring and/or refining several performing arts skills under Dance, as well as Drama and Music, students are also developing several approaches to learning (ATL) skills under all the ATL clusters; communication, collaboration, self-management, research and thinking skills.

They are now in the throes of writing their reality TV-esque, celebrity confession, pre-battle monologues and will soon be preparing for a song-off against an assigned opponent.

Who will win? Stay tuned for the final battle!

Meanwhile… See following for excerpts from a couple of their composition workshop collaborations.

Kendra Sylvester-Flores