Making Basic Sentences in Spanish

Students in first grade have been learning about different types of sharks, their parts, and colors. They have been orally creating short sentences such as: Mamá tiburón nada, papá tiburón caza, abuelo tiburón escapa, bebe tiburón come, etc.

This week they made shark mouth puppets, and were able to name their own sharks, reinforcing the structure: “Me llamo…” (My name is…) and were ready to describe its color too. 

Here are the names: 

  • Juliana: Tiburón Chico
  • Masaharu: Señor Tiburón
  • Angel: Tiburón Blanco
  • Adelyn: Tiburón Arcoiris
  • Christian : Tiburón Robot
  • Brandeis : Tiburon Martillo
  • Ava:  Señor Tiburón

Below are pictures of the children with their puppets.

Carolina Neva
Grade: 1
Class: Spanish