Art in Lower Elementary

Pre K-  The little ones have been getting inspiration from storybooks and doing handprint painting and learning about other painting techniques using some tools like bubble wrap plastic, rims of tubes and sponges to paint and try to recreate the main character and their setting.

Kinder- Kindergarteners are learning art patterns using the basic art elements of line, shape and colour to design their own patterns.  They have discovered that patterns can be used to decorate space on any surface or part of a drawing.  They have been practising using coloured pencils, markers and even tempera paints.  

Grade 1- The first graders are having a really good time expressing themselves through Abstract art.  They have learned about artists like Vassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock as well as seen their works.  Students learned to make connections between abstract art and emotions/feelings.   Students have been exposed to different types of sad, scary, angry and happy classical music while letting the sound and the way the music makes them feel be expressed into their abstract painting through colour mixing, line, shape, colour and also creating different paint layers.

Grade 2- Students recently learned about the parts of a composition (foreground, middle ground and background).  They also learned about perspective and using size to create a sense of depth and distance between different things in their composition.  

Currently, Grade 2 students are learning how to manipulate paper and by folding and bending give that flat paper a form.  Students have learned to form different types of paper forms like cones, cylinders, fringes, pleats and other interesting paper forms.  Cutting and gluing skills have also been developed in order to create a 'paper playground'.

Daniel Lopez
Elementary School Art