Art in Elementary School

Art in Elementary School

Living Things

Pre-K Students are exploring different ways of painting with a theme of “Living Things” which connects to their current Homeroom Unit.  They’ve had guided paintings about trees, flowers, and animals using, tempera and watercolor.

Elements of Art

Students in Kindergarten have been learning about lines, shapes and colors.  How to use lines to create shapes, how to see shapes in objects we try to draw and use them to build and also how to use color beautifully.  They have also learned about warm and cool colors as well as Primary and Secondary colors through color mixing.

Principle of Design

Students in first grade recently learned about the Principle of Design referred to as Movement. They also learned how repetition, expressive and dynamic action lines and body gestures can help evoke a sense of motion in the artwork. 

Lines in Art

Second graders recently focused on the element called Line.  They explored drawing with a continuous line and applying the continuous line skills to copper wire bending.  They also created yarn paintings and an aluminium wire sculpture decorated with paint and glitter.  

Dani Lopez
Elementary School