Aren’t We All Migrants?  

The Grade 9 is currently exploring the topic of migration. What a hot topic!  And…so many opinions, misperceptions, and beliefs. Our class has been researching many questions: How many are migrating to a particular country? Why are they migrating? What about crime and government services? The amazing Grade 9s will tackle those issues, but also look at the advantages/positives of migration. What benefits do migrants bring to a country?

Students, while collaborating with a partner, will research this information via a very cool site, The Migration Data Portal.   
As they peruse the charts/graphs/maps from this amazing site, they will be  searching, then inferring, beyond the given presented information.

“Visual literacy” is such a very important skill. This site will help our beloved Grade 9s develop and hone their visual literacy skills.  

Very, very cool.  So…let’s see if their own perceptions on migrants change, develop, or stay the same?   

Ed Anderson