PK Students Explore the Art of Storytelling

PK Students Explore the Art of Storytelling

Linking with our PYP unit on How We Express Ourselves, Pre-K has been exploring the art of storytelling and understanding the roles of authors and illustrators. 

Recently, they took on the role of illustrator and were asked to draw a picture to match the words on the page: On a sunny day, two friends were playing on the playground. There was a slide, swings, and many trees. They had lots of fun! 

Take a look at the beautiful details in their illustrations!

We have also been practicing sequencing activities to aid in storytelling, and we continue to use our literacy center time to practice letters and word building with various hands-on activities: Playdough, letter mats, letter crafts, and whiteboards. Such fun! 

Christina Keir
Class: Language Arts
Unit: How We Express Ourselves
Grade: Pre-Kindergarten