AP Vybz - Never Stop The Music

AP Vybz - Never Stop The Music

The HS Music Club (AP Vybz; sponsored by Kendra Sylvester)  recently created a remotely-performed and produced collaborative music video project to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Please follow the link to view an AP Vybz rendering of Blondie's 1978 pop hit "Heart of Glass".  Everything you will see and hear is student-created.

The Intent:

  • contribute to school spirit
  • lighten hearts
  • give the entire school community "something to smile about"


"Around this time last year, I came up with the idea to have an event called “ Valentine’s with Vybz”, as Ms. Sylvester and Ms OD could tell you, I got so worked up with excitement that the morning I came up with the idea in the car, I started putting things in place for Valentine’s day (exactly a week before). Last year’s event was such a success that it was a given among our band that we would go in for a second run in the year 2021. 

It’s obvious that doing this event again would have been a bit difficult because of the situation the entire world is in, but nonetheless AP Vybz and Ms Sylvester pushed through to make this happen virtually. We have taken this as an opportunity to show both the staff and student bodies that the music room may be quiet at this time but the music of ISPS is not dead. 

AP Vybz decided to organise a mini performance with the theme of Valentine’s day to keep our one year streak and possibly make it a tradition for future band members. Working on this project was a blast and the intention is to set the bar for other musicians at the school to work with the times and to never stop the music. 

On behalf of AP Vybz, I hope that you enjoy this performance, and note that this definitely wouldn’t be the last." 

Aisha Langton- Regis


Aisha Langton-Regis
Grade 12


Heart of Glass