AP students were challenged with putting together projects that explored music, art, and literature from Latin American countries.

Here is a summary of the process by Matthew Jodhan:

"I had the idea of composing our own version of a traditional/famous piece of music and brought it to Aisha. I wasn’t very well versed with this kind of music, but luckily Aisha was already 10 steps ahead of me. It was certainly a culturally enriching experience for the both of us. We are incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to implement our passion into this class. We hope projects like this are encouraged among other classes in the future. And we hope you enjoy listening."

The song is a cover of the Salsa song "Quimbara" by Cuban recording artist Celia Cruz. Here the song is performed by Aisha Langton-Regis with instrumentals by Matthew Jodhan.


Rebecca Tompsett
AP Spanish