AP Research Student Topics

AP Research is the second course in the AP Capstone program.  It is a rigorous course that tasks students with writing a 4,000 to 5,000-word research paper that identifies a new understanding in their chosen field of research.  Students then present this research to a panel of teachers in a 15 to 20-minute presentation.

Last year, across the globe a total of 24,049 students took AP Research.  Of those, only 375 received a perfect score of 5.  I am pleased to announce that one of our students, Caitlin, earned a perfect score and joins this elite group!  Caitlin’s paper explored the effects Covid has had on Trinidad teens and their eating habits, more specifically eating disorders.  She discovered that Covid isolation and increased scrolling of social media increased eating disorders among Trinidad teen girls and offered well-researched solutions for this complex problem.  

This year we have five young ladies taking AP Research, and I am very pleased to introduce them and their chosen topics.  If you are an expert in any of the chosen fields and would like to offer up any help, please contact me at: ccarpenterbahadoorsingh@isps.edu.tt

Manipulated Images and the Female Body During Carnival

Hi, my name is Amaya. For AP Research this year, my topic deals with the effects that manipulated images have on a woman’s body image during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. My research will include why photographers photoshop their images before posting, eating disorders, body norms/ societies’ beauty standards, medical procedures undertaken by women and long term effects. I believe that body image issues and photoshop are not talked about enough in Trinidad. I see issues like this affecting my peers and I feel that it is important to shed light on it and understand it more so that I can help a lot of women who are struggling.

Sustainable Transportation in Port-of-Spain

My name is Charlotte and I am a Grade 12 student in AP Research. For my project, I am focusing on how a sustainable transportation system in Port-of-Spain can affect the quality of life of the citizens of Trinidad. I believe that my research can be part of the building blocks put in place for a proper transportation network in POS. Hopefully, my research will give me valuable knowledge that will be continued in my further studies.

Covid and Education Systems in Trinidad & Tobago

Hi, my name is Emily and this year my AP Research topic is the effect Covid has played on education systems in Trinidad and Tobago. I chose this topic because it is something that not only affected me but many other students. I was very fortunate and was able to complete all my work for the year online, but other students were not as fortunate. Many students dropped out of school, had no teachers or were unable to keep up with online due to a lack of resources. Grades dropped tremendously in many schools and standardized examinations. I think further researching this topic will benefit the public on the problems that arose during this time and are still continuing and shed light on how to move forward. 

Mental Illness in the Film Industry

My name is Tosca and for my AP Research project this year I am working on the depiction and portrayal of mental illnesses in the film industry and the effect on the audience and those with mental illnesses. I am hoping to bring light to this situation and the negative portrayal that exists in the film and TV industry since there are many obstructive views that affect many different individuals. It is not frequently spoken about and many do not know the extent of the impact that these portrayals have on those with mental illness as well as the contribution it has to the stigmatization of mental illness.

Childhood Trauma Linked to Crime and Substance Abuse

My name is Kathryn, and I am currently 18 years old, in Grade 12, and I have chosen to base my AP Research topic on “How High Rates of Crime and Substance Abuse in Trinidad and Tobago May be Attributed to Traumatic Brain Injury Endured in Childhood.” My country, Trinidad and Tobago, is plagued with an unprecedented amount of murders, rapes, theft, and kidnapping. In fact, Trinidad is responsible for the sixth-highest crime rate globally. Due to crime rates growing exponentially yearly, and little stopping of the perpetrators, our citizens are becoming more and more desensitized to these heinous acts. With a collapsing economy, faulty government and a corrupt legal system, little time has been spent addressing and researching alternative reasons for these criminal acts, such as the mental, physical and social ramifications of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. One of the main attributes of this criminal activity is due to gang warfare and drug culture, which often leads to the demise of innocent civilians. This drug culture has amplified substance abuse and addiction, which is a rampant epidemic in the Caribbean, especially in Trinidad and Tobago. This may also be traced back to the side effects of traumatic brain injuries, as there are strong correlations between criminal acts, reoffending, substance abuse, relapsing, and enduring a TBI, which has been supported by longitudinal studies, surveys and analyses. I intend to conduct a correlational study with several surveys distributed to incarcerated and rehabilitated persons in Trinidad, inquiring whether or not they have sustained TBI, at what age it occurred, the severity of the TBI, among other questions. This will help to get more information on the prevalence of TBI in Trinidad, whether or not there is a pattern between them, which may imply that it is a potential reason for the causation of high crime rates, and substance abuse. 

Carol Bahadoorsingh
AP Research