Elementary Students Use 5 Senses to Learn Spanish

PK 3-4

Use of Songs to Learn Vocabulary and Develop Listening Skills

An important part of our Spanish program in Elementary is the use of songs, not only to learn useful vocabulary and expressions but also to develop listening language skills.  With the following video, you can take a peek at one of our classes in PK3-4 in which the kids are singing and gesturing the songs: Los pollitos dicen,  Mi dedito saltarin and Saco una manito. Through these songs, the class has learned key verbs and the parts of the face. 


Learning the 5 Senses in Kindergarten

Hands-on: In kindergarten, we are learning the 5 senses which include the body part and the action related. For the hearing, we made our own big ears with paper and then listened to the students' voices (previously recorded). The kids had fun trying to identify who was talking from the class.

2nd grade

Practising the play ”La gallina Catalina” through gestures.

One of the techniques that we use in our AIM Spanish program is also the gesture approach. In the short video, you can see what this technique looks like in second grade. I do the gesturing and the students speak, demonstrating that they are learning the vocabulary and also they are using complete sentences not isolated words. Kids do the gestures if they are willing to do it but it is not necessary. As a teacher, I am helping the students embed the content, narrative, and dialogue of the play by gesturing part of the play. It can be noisy but that is perfect!! It shows participation and also students are practising the language orally and listening. Basically, the kids are the teacher's voice! 

Diana Carolina Neva-Prieto
Elementary Spanish Teacher