Dress Code

ISPS has a dress code and all students PK3-12 wear a uniform. Uniforms in each section of the school differ slightly yet it is expected that all students convey school pride and spirit in how they look.

In Middle and High School dress should reflect a business atmosphere and boys should be clean shaven. Teachers and administrators will enforce reasonable standards of cleanliness and neatness and therefore the school reserves the right to ask students to remove distracting jewelry, make up or nail polish and/or cut long hair or change hair style if it is not reflective of a business atmosphere.

We believe that wearing a uniform promotes a sense of orderliness and belonging, helps with security by enabling our students to be easily identified and reduces clothes consciousness.

Please note that: all uniforms are available from *Espree, West Mall. For students who are cold during the day, a grey school sweatshirt is available. No other sweaters or jackets are part of the school dress. Free Dress days are a tradition at ISPS for students who have earned the privilege. On these days, students may come to school out of uniform. Free dress days are usually announced at least a week in advance. Common sense standards of cleanliness, neatness and appropriateness are expected and students should not wear any clothing associated with alcohol or drug use.

See details for each school division here.

* Espree
The Falls at West Mall
Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 6:45 pm
Monday to Saturday

Contact: 1-868-632-7232

Purchasing options:

The uniforms can be purchased at Espree, The Falls at Westmall via the following options: -

1)    Parents can contact Mrs. Sunita Parsotan at 1868-788 8982 to place orders - WhatsApp
2)    Orders can be placed via Espree’s Social Media Instagram - Espree TT via DM 
3)    Orders can be placed via email - espreevirs@hotmail.com
4)    All deliveries and payments are conducted via two courier companies - UPS and CSF Couriers Limited.