Welcome to the ISPS PTO

The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) PTO exists to help build the school community by providing opportunities for our ISPS students and families to connect with each other in inclusive, welcoming environments. We also seek to champion causes which highlight our appreciation for the dedicated teachers and staff of the International School of Port of Spain.

To this end, we provide support at all school events, as we strive to be the ‘social network’ that brings together the ISPS community.  On the PTO we have a strong team, dedicated to “building school spirit” and this is a constant theme incorporated into all of our events during the academic year.

Jordana Rizk
PTO President


What We Do

The PTO Executive is the core group that oversees the activities of various teams which cover the events of the year.  Each team has a clear purpose, and this allows you to volunteer in confidence without the feeling that you may be biting off more than you can chew! Volunteering for one of these teams is a great way to get involved, in a fun way, in your child’s experience at ISPS.

We welcome and support new ISPS families both prior to and after enrollment as our main purpose is to ease the process of your integration into our school community. We start the school year off, by organising coffee mornings for each grade. It’s our pleasure to be in contact with families that arrive after the start of the academic year as we all know that can add to the stress of a relocation experience.


This team is a group of vibrant, enthusiastic parents who work together to arrange the social events of the academic year. These events include our joint ‘PTO/ISPS Dads Barbeque’ as well as our bumper event, the ‘International Food Festival’.

The group is made up of moms and dads with different strengths and areas of expertise which makes the process of organising these events fun-filled and rewarding.


ISPS is an International School with families from a variety of countries. Our main goal on the Cultural team is to ensure that the internationalism of our community is honoured and celebrated! To this end, we encourage volunteers from different countries to get involved and share with us at ISPS the food, holidays and anything else that makes you (and your home country) who you are.  The main event of the year is a cultural presentation at our International Food Festival, as well as other mini events and activities throughout the school year particularly during the ISPS International Week.

This team has many a time been the saviour of a frustrated parent as we all know how easy it is for our child(ren) to lose a school sweater two weeks after having purchased it! Or maybe there’s just one more month of the school year left and a skirt rips…this is the team to contact. They accept gently worn uniforms in excellent condition which are then laundered and made available for purchase. It is a team run BY parents FOR parents and is without a doubt a labour of love.


Getting Involved

The old adage ‘many hands make light work’ is the unofficial motto of our teams! Rest assured, you can volunteer for any one secure in the knowledge that you will be a part of a group that works efficiently to foster the bonds within our community, celebrating its unique blend of international and local.

We are ALWAYS looking for new volunteers with new ideas so please contact us at ispspto@isps.edu.tt if you want to get involved on any of our teams!

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our vibrant ISPS community and we hope that we can be together, in person...SOON! 

Take a look at our PTO BY-LAWS and learn more about what we do, how we do it and why.