Our School Community

The International School of Port of Spain is more than a school. It is a thriving community where there are no limits to what your child will achieve and a warm, welcoming learning environment where your child will love coming to school. 

Community is an important part of any school and at ISPS, we pride ourselves on our strong community spirit. From the moment you meet our Admissions Team to your child's first day at school and beyond, we ensure families feel welcomed, happy and safe in our school. As an international school, we are focused on maintaining a strong sense of community, both locally and internationally.

We offer a truly international experience, with over 50 nationalities represented. We encourage awareness of cultures across the world through our International Week celebrations where we celebrate and learn about countries and cultures around the world. 

This is supported by a curriculum that prepares students for opportunities anywhere they appear. Our community spirit and international-mindedness ensure your child will have a global network of friends helping them thrive in Trinidad & Tobago today and in their future.


Welcome to Our Family!

When you join our ISPS family, you will enjoy strong relationships with your teachers, coaches, and staff. You will discover lifelong friendships with fellow students. These relationships with people from every corner of the Earth will challenge and transform your view of the world and help you discover the person you are meant to be.  

Our school community comes together regularly through activities and traditions enveloped in the extracurricular, co-curricular and athletic opportunities in addition to academics. Through these opportunities ISPS students are active around and beyond the school community.

Whether on the Spanish Court field taking part in a tournament or cheering on a CAISSA game in the ISPS gym, volunteering through organizations like NHS or StuCo, exploring worldly topics through MUN or GIN, molding, sculpting or painting in the ISPS art rooms, sowing and harvesting crops through hydroponics, or engaging in theatrical productions on our ISPS stage, ISPS students are continuously learning — and constantly busy!




The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) PTO exists to help build the school community by providing opportunities for our ISPS students and families to connect with each other in inclusive, welcoming environments. 

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No matter when we were students at the International School of Port of Spain, how long we were a part of it, ISPS will always be our special home away from home. 

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ISPS has an excellent cafeteria run by Allied Caterers that provides hot meals, snacks and drinks for all pre-kindergarten to grade 12 students, ISPS staff, parents, visitors and guests who may be on campus. 

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Health Center


The Health Center is equipped to deal with all minor and initial emergency concerns that arise at the school. The clinic is staffed by a full time School Nurse.

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Dress Code


ISPS has a dress code and all students PK3-12 wear a uniform. Uniforms in each section of the school differ slightly yet it is expected that all students convey school pride and spirit in how they look.

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School Store


Welcome to the ISPS shop. We offer a variety of ISPS Caimans memorabilia for use at sporting events or every day needs of our Caimans fans!

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Community Voices


The diversity of ISPS' student population broadens the spectrum of what constitutes the quintessential ISPS student experience.

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