No matter when we were students at the International School of Port of Spain, how long we were a part of it, ISPS will always be our special home away from home. We welcome former students, parents, teachers, and staff to foster and connect the global ISPS community.

"Once a Caiman, always a Caiman"


We are aiming to provide opportunities to connect with friends, network, share memories, and stay connected with ISPS. Keep an eye on our events, and follow us on our lively Facebook Page to see all the exciting things happening in the coming months, and while you're here, we encourage you to reach out to us and update your contact information! Click here to update your information.

To connect with the ISPS Alumni via email, please follow the link below. We look forward to hearing from you and developing the ISPS Alumni network.

ISPS Alumni is truly international and diverse. Our aim is to maintain contact with this diverse community through regular communication, networking, and alumni events.

We look forward to connecting with everyone soon

"For me, ISPS helped open doors to new cultures, which then developed into me garnering lifelong friends.

Athletics allowed me to be myself and grow... not only as a student athlete, but also as a young man entering the real world and all its adventures.

Overall my time at ISPS was perfect, and I could not have experienced a better atmosphere.

Thank you to all who supported me during my time here."

Remy Brewer
ISPS Alumni
(4 years of High School)