How much difference can the right school make?


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If you've ever asked yourself that question, the chances are you're wondering if there is something out there that could be a better fit for your child. 

No parent wants to settle for an education that isn't allowing their child to truly thrive, but the thought of changing schools - or choosing for something different from the beginning - can seem daunting.

Through our eBook - The ISPS Difference - we take you through the things you need to consider and look at how the approach that the ISPS takes to education.

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Learn what questions to ask

Does your child'd school value test scores above the ability to express and defend an opinion?

Is rote learning and regurgitating
facts given more emphasis than the
development of critical thinking and
entrepreneurial skills?

Download our eBook today and learn what questions to ask yourself - and your school - and discover more about the ISPS approach.




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How a child’s school approaches education –
and approaches them – plays an undeniably
important role in their lives. Not all children are the
same – so schools shouldn’t treat them like they are.


Not All Schools Are The Same


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