Reach Out

Reach Out is a community service organization of ISPS. A rapidly growing, dedicated group of students from ISPS, supported by ISPS Staff, go to the Petit Valley Community Center every Saturday morning to tutor local primary school students. Many of these students are struggling with schoolwork and can’t afford private lessons. We focus on helping them with their English and Math skills.

Many of these children face the SEA exam at the end of the year and these few hours of tutoring aid greatly in their preparations. This partnership, not only provides these students with a better education, but also with a friend. Once they begin to warm up to us, they tell us about themselves and their lives and we, in turn, share, our own experiences.

We also organize a few special days throughout the year where we bring these students treats and spend the time just bonding with them. This only serves to further strengthen the friendships being made.

In an effort to improve the standards of this community center, Reach Out coordinates several fundraisers and donates all of the proceeds towards necessary supplies, and generally improvements. Being a part of Reach Out opens one up to different perspectives on life and further encourages appreciation of the little things Reach Out has been running for 5 years. It is a wonderful way to work within the community and get to know our students in new ways. ISPS staff volunteers to ensure the success of this project.