ISPS Students GIVE Toward the Fight Against Poverty

The 2018-2019 academic year marked the creation of a new community service club at ISPS - GIVE Club (Get Involved, Value Everyone). This was instigated by a group of High School students who became involved in the Global Issues Network, a student-led organization which promotes sustainable solutions to global and local problems. Their passion is to help those disadvantaged in the society because of poverty to improve their lives and outcomes so they decided to start the GIVE Glub to organize and promote a culture of giving amongst their peers.

After a successful game night fundraiser which increased donation funds up to $3000 TTD, the group visited a possible organization to whom the money may be donated – The Living Waters Community Center.  Coupled with an opportunity to tour the building and a hands-on experience in the food bank area, the GIVE Club was able to initiate a connection between the students of ISPS and the help requested from refugees and asylum seekers – those who frequent the center.

At the food bank  our GIVE team assisted in the packaging of rice, a small portion of the generous gift packet (contains canned beans, powdered milk, sugar, salt, among other items) that is allocated to every family in need.

This field trip was educationally stimulating and especially insightful as Ms Rhonda Maingot was able to answer their many questions related to the causes and consequences of poverty in Trinidad and Tobago so that they can use their club to promote sustainable solutions. Through this partnership, ISPS will play an active role in securing shelter and spreading positivity towards the less fortunate of our islands.

Students Involved: Zera Te, Charlotte Farah, Andrew Pio George, Ronan Maharaj, Jose Montealegre Corriols, Daniel Bagnarol, Chayim Baker


Family Fun Fiesta with GIVE

In continuation of the Get Involved, Value Everyone (GIVE) Club’s cooperation with Living Waters Community Center,  Zera Te, Chloe Bain, Asia Chan, Meghan Laquis, and Ashleigh Lok-Jack spent their Sunday (April 28) morning helping out Living Waters Ministry with their fundraising event ‘Family Fun Fiesta’. The dedicated group of High Schoolers had a fun-filled morning volunteering at the ice cream stall and representing ISPS in the midst of other volunteers from various schools. The bazaar was filled with local and popular music performances, activities, prizes, food and drink stalls, face painting, and more.      

Submitted by: Zera Te