Mission: to empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally and globally in order to create sustainable solutions for global issues.
— GIN mission statement

The Global Issues Network (GIN) is an international network of students that aims to promote globalization and to raise awareness of the social responsibility of "global citizens", and develop solutions for modern global issues. The network is powered by schools and universities around the world. The network is mostly based on Jean-François Rischard's book, High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them.

South and Central America embraced the Global Issues Network regional GIN conference in 2011, establishing a yearly moving regional conference tradition. Last year two teams from ISPS attended The GIN Conference in Colombia.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the ISPS Environmental Club made it their mission to reduce the amount of plastic in our school community. The first step was promoting individual water bottles. We put a stop to the sale of plastic water bottles in the cafeteria and increased/added water coolers around the school. Students were encouraged to bring in their own water bottles to refill throughout the day. At the conference held in Colombia, we took our project and presented it to students who attended. Others came with their own ideas from all over the world. We were able to interact with them, be inspired and get positive feedback. Some teachers and students even took notes on ideas that we came up with to take back home with them. The conference was over a period of 4 days, during which we attended other students’ conferences and sat in on lectures by people who were promoting social or environmental issues. We also got to bond with strangers through activities and school tours. This year the Environmental Club plans to represent ISPS in the GIN conference to be held in Panama.