Awards at ISPS


Mr. Jeffries Award

G. Jeffrey Sieunath (1938 to 2005) provided 11 years of transportation services to the school. We remember his loyalty and dedication to the ISPS community and honour our students who have demonstrated the same qualities.

Mr. Jeffries Awardees to date:


  Elementary School Middle School High School
2005 Rianne Morgan Leiyen Khan Perry Sophie Muller
2006 Eva Young Aliya De Montrichard Sophie Muller
2007 Joseph Gomes Tyler Woods Rebekha Chin Lee
2008 Esme Pariseau Sarah Davis Stechelle Hazell
2009 Aravinda Sharma Natalie Christie Amanda Sabga
2010 Christie Sabga Sameerah Qudourah Briana Azar
2011 Victor Villalba Celine Sooknarine Xia Garcia
2012 Ella Taylor-Corss Sara Low Victoria Hrebicek
2013 Alexander Thorp Christie Sabga Natalie Christie
2014 Tessa Garnett Tuana Pirinccioglu Ruth Hernandez/ Jabari Sealy
2015 Grant Klatt/ Chayim Baker Jordan Richardson Kathrine Aboud
2016 Isabelle Imambaksh Ananya Singh Sara Low
2017 Ellice Ali Andrew George Naomi Bolastig
2018 Isabelle Smyth Zera Te Tuana Pirinccioglu


Ms. Rosemary Silva Memorial Award

Rosemary Silva, Middle School Science teacher from 2001 to 2007, transformed our Science program, extending learning beyond the classroom into the environment and involving students in projects that used Science to improve the community. We honour our students who have demonstrated the same passion for Science.

Rosemary Silva Memorial Awardees to date:

2012 Sara Low
2013 Juliana Johnson
2014 Dominic Coutts
2016 Banzer Harold Perdoma Parga
2017 George Maxwell Payne