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The learning continues - wherever we are

We had to close our campus, and switch to an online mode of delivery due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our community rose to this challenge with remarkable ease.

Our teachers provided high quality, caring and flexible instruction that allowed our students to continue to learn, grow and thrive.



We are proud to showcase the outstanding achievements of the ISPS community !

Ours is a community stronger than distance can untie,

So whether you’re on the other side of the world,

Or still nearby,

You’re no less - ISPS.

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Remote After School Activities Program

After School Activities are an integral part of ISPS school life, so we made sure we kept that going too!


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Watch our community at work...

We're so proud of how our community is rallying together in the face of Covid-19.  Share with us your online learning experiences on Social Media - and take a look at what your friends and teachers are up to...



    Hats off to you ISPS! What a great start to online learning! My kids had a great day yesterday without any hiccups! They woke up all excited to "sign-in" and meet their teacher and fellow classmates and begin their school day! No complaints from them! The teachers were so patient and accommodating with the students! Thank you ISPS admin, IT support, teachers/ staff and the director for making this transition so seamless... #differencemakersfutureshapers

    -Genevierve Hadeed