Dance Class


The Dance Curriculum starts in Grade 6 and is structured to provide continuous dance education development and performance experiences through to Grade 12.

Students dancing

In Middle School Dance students develop an understanding and appreciation of Dance as well as the ability to create short dance works. Students choreograph short dance works using the form, elements and techniques of diverse Dance Genres. By exploring dance, students develop an understanding of themselves and others. They also develop practical artistic skills, critical-thinking skills and a variety of communication skills.

High School Dance is designed to encourage the students to explore different forms of movement, to learn and implement choreographic skills, to choreograph their own dances and to work together in creating & producing dance works of a high standard both technically and aesthetically. Students are also required to learn and reproduce dance sequences in a variety of dance styles with a good level of technique and sense of performance. High School dance aims to increase the students’ self-esteem, creativity and perceived competence.