Caroni Dominates in Water Hour!


Caroni Dominates in Water Hour!

We have come to the end of our Sports event series for the Year. Water Hour really pushed the bar as Caroni and Nariva were neck and neck in the Egg and Spoon Race and Slip and Slide. However, Caroni dominated all three races with their resounding house presence and true fiery spirit. For Water Hour Caroni leads first place with 105 points with their "flashy" blue rival (Maraval) coming in second with 100 points. Nariva hangs closely behind with 95 points and Mayaro of noteworthy mention in 4th place with 30 points

We wonder who will win the House Cup for the Year? Stay tuned for these very close final results. The winner will be announced next week Wednesday during the end-of-year assembly.


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June 22, 2022 

Shirt Tally

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40 1947


56 1916


46 1971