Relief Collection Drive for St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Relief Collection Drive for St. Vincent and the Grenadines

ISPS will do a school wide drive to help those in need in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This will be a student leader led initiative.  

Amongst the student leaders and organizations taking an active role are: 

  • Priyanka Lalla (MS Head Prefect)- President of "Stronger Together" a MS club. 
  • MS Prefects
  • Sarah Carpenter: HS Head Prefect 
  • House Captains,
  • NHS

The drive will take place from Monday April 26th- Monday May 3rd. This is also a house initiative. Students (MS and HS )have been informed in their homerooms, (ES) by their class teachers what items to bring and they are to drop them off in the Dance Room in their houses. 

House Captains have been making visits to the ES to create awareness about St Vincent.

For items to donate, please see below. 

Picture 1: Charlize Diaz, (Mayaro House Captain), talking to Grade 2 about St Vincent and the reason for the drive - creating awareness.
Picture 2: Charlotte Potter (Nariva) and Chelsea Murkeji (Mayaro) chat with with Grade 5 students.


For more information on St. Vincent:


Please support this important cause and also win some house points for your child's house

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Maeve O Donovan
Assistant Principal