School Uniforms Reminder


Our online uniform policy has resumed with students expected to wear their school polos during the school day. House shirts are preferred on Wednesdays. 

A reminder that the skirt options are:

  1. Providing a choice of a second style of skirt (an "A" line fit) which Espree would make available. I have samples of these here at school and already some of the girls have tried them on and prefer them. These are available to order and purchase in Espree.
  2. Espree provided samples of skirts, locally made, in the same style as the current one but longer. Again, these would need to be ordered and purchased.
  3. Alteration of the current skirts that the girls have. These alterations can be done in Espree.
  4. Purchase of a 'gently' used skirt from Ms. Hazel here at the school.

In addition, with respect to the boys pants, joggers are not permitted as part of the school uniform. School pants are also available at Espree, West Mall.

I will be reaching out next week to the parents of students who are not complying with the uniform guidelines. Thank you to those who are.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Maeve O Donovan

Espree contact: Suvir: 738- 9352