MYP Grade 10 Personal Project Virtual Showcase  Launched


MYP Grade 10 Personal Project Virtual Showcase  Launched

The Personal Project Virtual Showcase is now available for viewing. Click on the link below. It will take you to the Website's Homepage. Just hover over ‘Home’  to view and access a variety of projects on topics explored by our 10th graders.

The Personal Project is one of the highlights of the entire Middle Years Programme, as it marks the culmination of a student’s MYP journey. It is student-directed and can be done on any topic. Students are required to complete this work over a period of roughly seven months, outside of class hours.

Over the last few weeks, students have been working on their virtual showcases where they will share their projects with our entire community.

2022 Project Titles: 

  • Virtual reality tour of ISPS   
  • Teen fashion                                              
  • The Evolution of War
  • 3-D model - exterior of Beach house
  • A teen's Guide to Investment                        
  • Designing the Interior of two rooms
  • Dance Camp for the less fortunate 
  • Local swimwear line
  • Eco-friendly and interchangeable sole shoes 
  • Sign Language 
  • Basketball Course 
  • My Personal Cultural Heritage
  • Work out plan
  • 3D printing: a building
  • Boatworks
  • Diary of an athlete
  • Kitchen Design
  • Designing a wind turbine
  • Manchester United
  • Fashion Journal
  • Silk cotton tree capsule
  • My Journey back into French
  • Save our students (SOS)
  • A basic guide to suturing


I hope that you will all click this Personal Project Showcase 2022 Website Link and in so doing, acknowledge and celebrate the work that our Grade 10 students invested in this endeavor.       


Stay safe and healthy.

Charmaine Quamina 
MYP Personal Project Coordinator