Library Update - June 3


Library Update - June 3

Dear readers, 

Can you believe it...we only have four more weeks left until summer vacation, woohoo!!! The time is just flying by!

In this edition of our Library News, you will find two very talented individuals, whose work was recently published. One is a young student and the other is an administrator at ISPS. There's no doubt about it, ISPS has a very talented community!

Gabriel Lakhan, a grade 3 student, recently had his poem published in a collection of poems titled "Signs of the Sun." Seeing that he was much younger than many of the participants, it's quite impressive that his poem was selected to be published in this book. Talk about talent...congrats Gabe! You're a published poet :)

On the other hand, Daena de Souza Viscuña, our Enrollment Manager, recently published her first children's picture book. The story follows a little boy in the Trinidad rainforest looking for his destiny. Check out a copy in the is such a sweet read! 

Also, don't forget to check Sora's "Sweet Reads" summer reading program. Check out the selection of books in the app!

Please note that all library books must be returned no later than June 17th, so the library can start processing end-of-year tasks. 

Take care, 
Miss Jessica
ISPS Library