ISPS Launches Book Club


ISPS Launches Book Club

This week, in collaboration with our ES Principal, Dr. Julien, the library launched our own little book club in support of the 17 United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. September 8th was also International Literacy Day which made this week the perfect time to launch this initiative. 

Although many of the goals tie in with our PYP units, we decided to start with Goal #15—Life on Land. Here are the three books we chose to focus on from the official SDG bookclub reading list. 

1. Wangari's Trees of Peace 

2. The Life Cycle of a Polar Bear

3. Over and Under the Rainforest

You can find more information about Goal #15 here along with the reading list.  

Grades PreK - 5 participated in our book club and being the critical thinkers they are, they had many questions. Students discussed ways to help our planet including what can be done at home, while upper elementary were shown how to research Wangari Maathai, in our ProQuest database, so they could find out more information about her life.

As the UN Secretary-General said, "There is no Plan B because we do not have a Planet B." 


Let's help our kids shape their world into a better place :)

Take care, 
Miss Jessica
ISPS Library