Library Corner


Library Corner

It's amazing to see the little sprouts of change happening at the school right now. This academic year, we focused our library classes on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Bookclub---a curation of books to support each of the 17 SDG goals. So far we have gone through seven goals, discussing the challenges the world and its people face as we head towards 2030, the year the goals are supposed to be achieved. 

The pandemic has surely pushed progress back for many of us around the world but what matters is that we are enduring and still collectively working towards a better world for ourselves and our future generations. 

Throughout the school, you can see evidence of the little sprouts of change in every grade level. For elementary, whose focus is on land, there are various projects and in our weekly library sessions, we have been making those connections with the SDG goals and their service learning projects. For Goal 15, Life on Land, we've seen the milkweed and various other plants attract the monarch butterfly caterpillars which eventually morphed into monarch butterflies when they finally emerged from their chrysalis; we saw the earthworms break down food scraps to make compost; we learned how to make a filter using sand and gravel to get clean water and how to make an oven out of natural resources plus so much more. 

This week we focused on Goal 3 which focuses on good health and well-being. Students learned how to practice mindfulness as a part of taking care of their bodies. Now, through the Stronger Together club, ES students will have a chance to continue to make a difference in this world by being mindful of what they pack in their lunch kits. Parents and students will work together to create a Zero Waste Lunch kit to participate in a challenge to lessen their carbon footprint. The class that participates the most will win a sustainable pizza and snack party! I can't wait to see who wins but more importantly to see the shift in their mindsets as they actively practice what we've been discussing this academic year in our library sessions. 


Miss Jessica