Tuition & Fees



The Capital Contribution to the Building Fund is a non-refundable, one time, per student contribution. Payable upon admission to the institution.


  • Pre-Kindergarten 3  US$2,000.00   (*** Remainder US$4,000 due in Pre-K 4)
  • Pre-Kindergarten 4 to Grade 12  US$6,000.00 
  • Post CSEC Students (per year of attendance)  US$2,000.00 


Payment & Refund Policy




1. Invoices are sent once a year and full payment is due according to the agreed terms and conditions in the Enrollment Contract.

2. Payments received in TTD, if accepted, will be exchanged at the selling rate of the School’s banking institution on the date of payment. The School reserves the right to review and/or change its policy with respect to payment terms for fees and with respect to the settlement of fees, and consider any requests made on a case by case basis for approval by the School’s Management.

3. Students entering ISPS after school has started will be invoiced as follows:

Fees Due
Entrance during the 1 st Quarter 100%
Entrance on or before 1 st January 85%
Entrance on or after 2 nd January 60%
Entrance during the 4 th Quarter 55%

4. Refunds for families who leave early will be based on the following:

Departure during the 1 st Quarter 25%
Departure on or before last school day in December 20%
Departure during the 3 rd Quarter 0%
Departure during the 4 th Quarter 0%

5. Refunds must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days following withdrawal of the student from ISPS. After 30 days, no refund will be paid.

6. All payments for tuition fees are to be made by Bank Draft, Cash or Wire Transfer. No Personal or Company cheques will be accepted. Wire Transfer Instructions can be obtained from the Business Office.