Transitions & Transformations


A Place to Belong

Transitioning in and out of any school community can be difficult for not only the student, but also the family, and to some extent, even the students currently enrolled!

At ISPS, we try our best to help students and families at both ends of the transition - whether transitioning into our school community as a new student or when transitioning out as a graduate or a student moving on to another school somewhere else.

Most important is effective collaboration between the family and the school, and on a more formal level, some forms and paperwork are needed at varying stages of both the admissions and withdrawal phases. Completing and submitting the necessary forms in a timely manner is important to help ensure a smooth transition for all involved, for both admissions and withdrawal.

Admissions Transition Support

This section of the website describes the Admissions process and the ways in which we support families to make a decision as to whether or not ISPS is the right school for their family.

It is easier for staff, students and other families within our community to support the transition to ISPS when we are able to physically welcome new students and parents into our community, and in some cases, those moving to Trinidad & Tobago for the first time. There are some steps that can be taken though, to help ease the transition before a student is physically in the classroom. The more information gathered on a student and their family from the application stage, ensures informed decisions on placement and course selections. Most importantly, we can confirm that all necessary paperwork is in place before the first day of class.

In addition our community offers

  • Family/Student Interview with the Principal
  • Orientation Day (beginning of school year)
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Transitions meetings for students moving to a new division (end of year)
  • PTO Coffee Mornings parent representatives welcome new families