Scholarships AT ISPS

ISPS is committed to building a student population of boys and girls, who through working and learning together fulfill the school’s mission, develop the desire and ability to make a positive difference in our world.

The outstanding facilities of the school, the extra curricular program, and the progressive curriculum delivered by some of the country’s top educators offers a school experience that are unmatched in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are actively looking for students that will help us deliver our Mission and achieve our Vision, and do not want to limit the opportunity to only those who find the tuition affordable.

Selection Process

A Scholarship Selection Committee will meet to review all applications. The committee will consider the following  when evaluating applicants: 

  1. Does this applicant have the academic potential to excel in ISPS’ MYP AND Advanced Placement program? 
  2. Will the needs of the applicant be met by what ISPS can offer? 
  3. Has this applicant clearly demonstrated the desire and motivation necessary to benefit from ISPS?
  4. Has the applicant clearly displayed qualities that will make him/her an asset to the ISPS community? 
  5. Is it likely that the applicant will be accepted into a competitive university in North America or the United Kingdom? 

Criteria for ISPS Partial Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded on the following:

  1. Academic Achievement: This will be assessed on the basis of three years of school records. All applicants will also sit  the ISPS administered MAP Assessment
  2. Financial Need. parents are required to submit the most recent copy of their Income Tax Return as evidence of income. Dependents in the household are also taken into consideration, and this is a part of the ISPS Financial Aid form to be filled out by each family.
  3. Contribution to School Life/Community This will be evident in the applicant's involvement in service learning and/or in the Arts or Sports at their current school
  4. Writing Samples. These will consist of the Applicant Statement, which is a part of the Application Process, an essay section of the entrance assessment, and a supplemental short answer form for all applicants

Who Decides About The Scholarships?

The ISPS Scholarship Selection Committee is made up of, the Director of the School, the Director of Admission, The MS/HS Principal and the High School Counselor. All decisions are made in the strictest confidentiality. 


    Scholarship Forms

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