Policies & Procedures

It is important that parents understand the process and policies related to the admission of students to the International School of Port of Spain.

Please read carefully our Policies and Procedures onthis page. The International School of Port of Spain's admissions policy is designed to assess whether the school can successfully meet the needs of each applicant and determine if there is appropriate space in the school.

Policies & Placement

Admission to ISPS is based on the following considerations:

  • The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational program.
  • The capability of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant.
  • The ability of the applicant to meet attendance and behavioral requirements.
  • Fulfilment of the school’s financial and medical requirements.

Initial Grade Placement

The International School of Port of Spain reserves the right, through its administrative and professional staff, to determine the proper placement of new students. Testing, interviews and review of all pertinent records are used to ensure that students are placed properly as students enter ISPS from many different countries with widely differing educational systems.


Process and Procedures:

ISPS has a rolling admission process. Prospective parents are encouraged to start the application process in September for the following school year beginning in August.

All applications for admission are done via our PowerSchool online application system

When a new application is received:

  • An acknowledgment is sent and a reminder of outstanding support documentation is listed.
  • Within two weeks, if necessary, a second reminder is sent
  • Respective schools may need to be contacted to follow up on requested recommendations

Applications are reviewed by the Admission Committee after all the required documents are received, and the in-house screen is completed. The Principal of the respective school division is a member of the Committee and signs off on the application. This will be in conjunction with Student Support Services if these services are being considered.

Students are offered placement if they have met the admission requirements and seats are available. If the student is out of the country, the acceptance may be conditional.

Admission may also be conditional if additional services are required.

Admission decisions are communicated as early as possible, however, the availability of seats is sometimes contingent on the withdrawal of current students.

Priority is given to the families of the ISPS Shareholder Companies.

Availability of Seats

  • The deadline for confirmation and payment of the deposit is prior to the Easter Break.
  • Once the availability at each grade level is determined, (usually by May), ISPS will offer qualified applicants a seat for the upcoming school year.

Wait Pool

  • If a grade level is at capacity, ISPS maintains a wait pool of qualified applicants. A student is placed in the wait pool only after his/her application has been reviewed and recommended by the Admission Committee.
  • When seats become available, candidates in the wait pool are considered in the context of one another and in accordance with the ISPS Admission Policy.


  • Once a student is accepted, the family receives an acceptance package which includes an offer for placement, tuition and fees invoice, tuition schedule, payment instructions, and registration instructions. At this point, the family is invited to register via our PowerSchool Enrollment system.
  • Students are enrolled upon the completion of registration and the remittance of the respective tuition fees and capital contributions.