Dear ISPS Middle School Community,

Welcome to another great year in the middle at the International School Port of Spain. This year, we again team with the high school to continue our quest to implement the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) in grades 6-10, hoping to achieve authorization by year’s end. In the following pages, you will get a sense of how the MYP is being blended into existing programs to become a part of our tradition of offering excellent programs and quality instruction, ensuring each student receives the benefits of our teachers’ hard work and new learning as we implement this program. We will also continue to uphold the traditions of our Honor Code, recently updated and included in the Parent-Student Handbook and maintain an atmosphere which is respectful, responsible, and safe and contributes to a balanced education in an uninhibited and nurturing environment.

Although our program continues to evolve, the one thing which remains constant is that our students are experiencing adolescence. It is important to remember that the middle school years are a time of significant transition and change as students grow in both independence and personal responsibility. It is our goal to teach and support the whole students as they change intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. To support our students’ growth, we aim to provide diverse programs, opportunities for increased responsibility and choice, and a differentiated approach to meet the needs and interests of each student. Our integrated Middle Year Programme and curriculum is focused on moving far beyond the memorization of facts, to deeper understanding, higher levels of thinking, and making real world connections. This transition from concrete to abstract thinking is measured through standardized assessment rubrics in all eight subject areas and further reinforced through our outdoor education and service learning projects. Beyond academics, students are also instructed in and given opportunity to practice, various Approaches to Learning (called “ATLs” in the MYP), further supporting the development of the whole child.

While adolescence is a time for increased independence, students with strong partnership between home and school are far more successful as they transition from childhood to young adulthood. We encourage communication between school and home. Please be sure you are on the Middle School e-mail list and that you read the school’s newsletter. When possible, please do try to attend all scheduled parent-teacher conferences and parent information sessions offered by the principal, counselor, and extended leadership team. The Parent- Student Handbook and this MS Addendum are also a good resource for commonly asked questions that may arise throughout the year. We appreciate your ideas, participation and support as we work together to create a positive learning experience for your child.


Frank Huerta

Middle School Principal





Frank Huerta

Frank Huerta

High/Middle School Principal