Located at the heart of ISPS, this centre of learning caters to all students PK-3 -12 and supports students' literary and information needs. The ISPS library serves as a day-to-day reminder to faculty and students of the core values of integrity, respect confidence and curiosity. 

Dear Parents & Students,


Welcome to the International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) library where you will find the world at your fingertips. The ISPS library supports the school’s curricula and all of the programs that define us including the Primary Years and Middle Years program of the International Baccalaureate programme, the Accelerated Reading (AR) program, and the Advanced Placement (AP) program.

The ISPS library staff believes that reading is the heart of every academic program and the foundation for learning so the librarians encourage a love for reading among staff and students. Library staff offers dedicated library classes and book clubs to encourage reading.

The ISPS library takes great pride in its international collection, which includes award-winning fiction and nonfiction from the US and Great Britain, literature from around the world that has been translated into English, and foreign language literature – especially Spanish, French and Indonesian literature.

This is a high-tech library with kindles and kindle books; iPods and audiobooks available for patrons. A growing e-book selection includes a dedicated Caribbean e-book section. Students have a variety of resources for their research. Through EBSCO, the library features EBSCO e-books for K-8 and a High School Collection, EBSCO Explora for all grade levels, EBSCO Points of View Reference Center, History and Science Reference Center with Interface, ABC CLIO History Databases and the EBSCO Caribbean e-book collection. Through EBSCO, we also feature Flipster with popular e-magazines including Newsweek, Muse, Craft, Artist’s Back to Basics, and more.

Our DVD collection offers movies that support the curricula. This includes a foreign film collection mainly in French, Spanish and Hindi. Our CD collection offers music from around the world in French, Spanish and English. The calypso music collection has historical significance to the region.

The ISPS library is heavily involved in community service in Trinidad and Tobago. The head librarian, who is also an author, visits local schools to promote reading. The library is involved in a local prison library and the librarian teaches classes in the local prison system.

The ISPS library offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for students, teachers and parents to relax and learn. Come and check us out.


Ms. Debbie Jacob

Debbie Jacob

Head of Library, Head of Department