Louis Moore

College Counselor



The High School Career


While it’s true that the majority of the college search process can take place during the junior and senior years, the actual preparation process begins as soon as the student begins high school, even before.

The three main areas of early college preparation are:

  • academics and,
  • involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • service

Academic Work

When it comes to academic work the important point is that students need to challenge themselves appropriately by taking the number and type of courses that suits them. At ISPS this usually means the AP courses. Keep in mind, that the more you can accomplish the better prepared you will be.

Read, read, read! The development of language proficiency cannot be overstated.

The start of high school is also a perfect time to consolidate/develop appropriate academic skills and attitudes. Our guidance program aims to facilitate this.

Please remember that starting in ninth grade every grade matters. The high school transcript is the single most important document in the application!

Becoming Involved

There are a number of reasons why participation in activities is highly regarded by college admission personnel.

  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Overall development and growth
  • Greater experiences
  • Diverse perspectives
  • And the list goes on!
  • The result of being involved both directly and indirectly supports a student’s application.


When it comes to community service, a recent “Do Something” survey revealed that a student’s commitment to one cause over a long period of time is a significant aspect of the college application. Do Something, an organization that encourages young people to volunteer and contribute to their communities, surveyed admissions officers from 32 of the top universities in the country, ranked by US News & World Report. Seventy percent of those queried said they prefer to see a student who sticks with one cause, not one who dabbles in a laundry list of volunteer opportunities.

“It is clear that passion and commitment to something bigger play a key role in their decisions,” the authors of the survey noted. “Taking the lead to bring about change in a community will help set a student apart from his or her peers, but communicating depth in that experience is also a determining factor for admissions’ officers.”

The high school offers students a number of service opportunities including:

  • Reach Out (Tutoring)
  • National Honor Society
  • Environmental Club
  • Turtle Tagging and Beach Clean-up
  • However, students are encouraged to get involved in any community service activity in or out of school.