Dear Parents & Students,

Children enter school with curious minds and the formative years are critical for them to explore and understand their world. This curiosity leads them to ask questions. Sometimes they are not satisfied with their answers so they search deeper to find out more about a person, a community, a country, or even why something is the way it is. These impressionable years are building blocks that allow students to recall, analyze, synthesize and apply their knowledge to any situation.

An integral part of our Primary Years Program (PYP) allows students to explore who they are and what contributions they can make in their homes, school and community. Students have the opportunity to share knowledge about what they are learning, and they can choose how they wish to present the information. Communication allows us to stay in touch with each other, and at our weekly town meetings, each child gets an opportunity to be on the stage with parents, teachers and students as their audience.

The Elementary School offers a balanced program that builds confidence, character, tolerance, critical thinking, creativity and risk-taking. By the end of fifth grade, our students are ready to embrace middle school.

At ISPS, we believe that a child’s success at school depends on the partnership between the parents and the faculty. Parents are encouraged to contact staff members for any concerns our questions. Our team (student support, counselor, principal, nurse, and teachers) works closely with the class teacher to meet the needs of the student.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Mrs. Suzette Julien
Elementary School Principal
Suzette Julien

Suzette Julien

Elementary Principal